Short form video

Secured Picks case study

Secured Picks, one of the largest sports betting groups in the world, reached out seeing if we could help improve their video editing and help increase traffic. The rest is history. Since then we've worked with the owner Tyson on countless projects. A big part of that has been short form video creation which includes reaction videos, educational videos, free picks videos and much more.

Elite Pickz case study

Elite Pickz, one of the largest sports picks groups on Whop, reached out to see if we could help them grow one of their theme pages (Pistons Challenge). As of writing this, we got them a staggering 30 million views from just the first 3 videos alone, growing their account to over 140 thousand followers in less than 2 months of working with them.

Keith Adam case study

Keith Adam, the owner of Endurance, one of the largest reselling Discord's in the world, reached out to Valiant looking to offload some of his social media tasks to Valiant. We've successfully helped Endurance consistently achieve 10-30k views per video across all of their social channels including YouTube, X, TikTok, and more.

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