Email marketing

Whop case study

Whop, a marketplace that most of our clients use to sell their services, reached out to see if we could take care of the email marketing on behalf of their top 20 companies. We gladly obliged and since partnering with Whop have achieved incredible results for many clients.

Secured Picks case study

Valiant had just completed Securedpick's rebrand, so it only made sense when the owner suggested we start doing their email marketing. We went above and beyond to create a perfect customized email template that could be used for all of Secured's needs. Once the template was completed, we started sending out their email

Flip The System case study

Email marketing has been incredibly effective at gaining new customers for our clients and keeping paying customers engaged. Flip The System is no exception to this, with them seeing over 50% open rates within the first four emails we made for them.

Bounce Alerts case study

Using an existing email list of past subscribers, we helped Bounce Software re-engage past customers with this beautiful email. From just this one email, we helped them generate over $1000 in new revenue.


SimpleAlgo, a leading trading indicator, had recently switched from one time payments to subscriptions. Looking to win back some of their old one time customers, we crafted a simple yet affective email that had an instant impact upon sending.

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