Paid advertising

KingCapSports case study

After KingCapSports reached out when their ads accounts was displayed, we not only fixed their ad account issues but created and managed a campaign that got an estimated $4000 ROAS (return on ad spend) in just the first month from just a $1000 ad spend (4x return!!). The cost per sign-up (displayed as lead in the screenshot below) was $54,70, with their subscription cost being $400.

A total of 20 signups were generated according to Meta Ads, however based on the coupon code generated on their Whop dashboard, there were over 40 uses, leading us to believe that the impact of the campaign was even higher than a 4x return and could have been as high as a 6-8x return on ad spend.


Juiced case study

One of our most successful ways of growing businesses in recent months has been through paid advertising. Using a variety of ad platforms, such as TikTok ads, Meta ads, and Google ads, we've seen a 2-5X return on ad spend (ROAS) for all sorts of companies, from small start-ups to large enterprises.

Valiant did a 10-day experimental TikTok video ad using broad sneaker-related audiences. In just 10 days, we managed to generate Juiced over 855 trial sign-ups, resulting in thousands of revenue from just a $503.08 ad spend.

Rackdog case study

Being one of our first clients in the server industry, we thought it might be a bit of a challenge at first to get Rackdog the desired results they were looking for. But we decided to give it a shot and boy were we happy with the results. From their first campaign with us, Rackdog was able to achieve 95 new customer accounts with an average spend of $80 per customer.

The revenue generated was an estimated $7600 based on the stats (95 new customers x $80). With only $1,287.47 in total spend, this yielded Rackdog a whopping 5x return on ad spend.

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